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Monday, August 8, 2011

Why Do Christians Tend to Avoid Evangelism? Reason #2

To put it simply and bluntly, the problem seems to start in the seminary. Professors are not the blame for the lack of missional churches in America, but it does seem to have quite an effect. Seminary professors usually train pastors to be great exegetical technicians, church growth experts, homiletically apt, and skilled counselors. If this were not so, our churches would not have the opportunity to know the Word of God as we do. I am very fortunate and thankful to my professors in seminary who have taught me these things. And I am exceedingly glad for the great training my pastor has received so I can gain greater understanding of what God wants from me.

However, many seminaries fail to teach and exemplify evangelism. Many Bible colleges and seminaries have very few classes on this subject. Therefore, there are professors who fail to train pastors to evangelize effectively. Thus, there are pastors who fail to train their churches to evangelize effectively. And, sadly, there are 95% of Christians in America today who have never had the privilege of leading another to Christ because they have never been trained to do so.

This is a terrible chain reaction! If you are a professor or pastor, I plead with you to make the necessary changes to break this reaction. The sad truth exists; most churches are simply not reaching the lost. We are not obeying. We must have pastors who are passionate for and properly trained to lead churches to effectively bring the holistic gospel to the lost! It’s hard to be obedient when we are not sure of what to do.

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