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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Final Flight: A Beautiful Picture

The space shuttle Atlantis just lifted off the earth for the last time. It takes thousands of brave NASA workers to make this happen, and millions just watched it all over the world.

Everything has to work just right. In fact, at only 31 seconds left before take off, the clock stopped to check on a “failure.” As soon as a camera revealed all is OK, the countdown resumed, and the shuttle lifted with precision.

Such a beautiful picture, this is, of how Christ orchestrates His Body on earth. His Spirit gives gifts to each newborn believer for the purpose of edifying His Body. And these gifts are given with supernatural precision. With His guidance, we can follow Him and amazing things happen.

Your local church possesses the gifts of the Spirit, and when they all work together, amazing things happen. However, just as tragedy has struck NASA when something went wrong with two shuttles and people lost their lives, tragedy strikes a church when the precision of our gifting is neglected.

Lives are hurt. Hearts are broken. But when we follow His commands as given in His Holy Word, something incredible happens. It works.

NASA must be patient, pure (precise), thoughtful, optimistic, brave, educated…

Sounds a lot like His Church. Patience, purity, thoughtfulness, educated in His Word…

When we just follow His guidance, we live above the common!

(1 Cor. 12-14)

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